Solutions and Results for Your Nonprofit Fundraising Needs

Moxie Auctions offers fundraising solutions for your good cause. We have extensive education in the auction model of fundraising, and 30+ years running events of all sizes. In addition, your auctioneer is a Maine native with a passion for serving the needs of Maine people. Ruth Ludwig Lind, CAI, BAS, GPPA, works with live auction nonprofit fundraisers whose biggest problem is finding a professional auctioneer who can lead a festive event and encourage all the guests to participate and who would like an excited audience and maximum financial results.


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We’re the best solution for 3 reasons:


We have invested in significant training and resources specific to the benefit auction model of fundraising.


We have strong roots througout Maine, including significant and ongoing volunteering with nonprofit charitable, professional and municipal organizations.


We can provide these services at no cost to the organization.

Moxie Auctions LLC

Zuclear-Powered Results for Your Fundraising Needs!

Do you need a great live auctioneer?

With Moxie Auctions, you get:

  • A licensed professional auctioneer with specialized training in benefit auctions, and the moxie to make your event the most fun and profitable it can be
  • An Emcee with flair: Your event will benefit from Ruth Ludwig Lind’s more than 20 years of experience in broadcasting and public speaking.
  • Fresh and fun auction activities to involve all the guests, even those who aren’t bidding!
  • An ambassador for your cause to conduct the Paddle Raise appeal for donations.
Do you need better auction items?

With Moxie Auctions you get:

  • The 4 easy keys to match auction items to your guests
  • Kick-off brainstorming party with your committee to uncover unknown and unconventional items
  • Straightforward solutions to enable you to track your items, from request through event to thank-you letters
Do you need help with volunteers and logistics?

With Moxie Auctions you get:

  • Trained auction professionals for clerking, check-out, and even transporting large items
  • Handy job descriptions for each committee and chair
  • How to find the right volunteers for the job by personality type
  • Training for your own volunteers to handle virtually all aspects of auction support
  • Recommendations for easy payment processing, with technology or without
Do you need help with your silent auction?

With Moxie Auctions you get:

  • 23 best practices for stellar silent auctions
  • Simple silent auction tweaks to add even more revenue
  • Easy online organization and tracking of all your donations
  • Help with display, packaging and promotion
  • Creative silent auction closings to maximize bids, including mini-live auctions!
Do you need help Event Planning and Staging your event?

With Moxie Auctions you get:

  • Planning timeline and strategies to keep your team on track
  • Venue checklist for you to use in finding the perfect place for your auction
  • Customizable templates for publicity, item requests, invitations, silent auction bid sheets, receipts, thank-you letters and more.
  • Auction Catalog preparation and printing
Would you like help wrapping up your event?

With Moxie Auctions you get:

  • Professional and cooperative evaluation of this event to maximize future auction results
  • Capturing top items and bidders, engaging them for the next event

See how Moxie Auctions can help you put the fun back in fundraising!

It Doesn’t Cost to Hire a Professional, It Pays, in smarter planning, shorter meetings, higher revenue and happier guests!
At Moxie Auctions, we offer several ways to partner with a professional, including a no-cost option.

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