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Everything about it was an overwhelming success, from our perspective. We just loved it! I also have to say I was very impressed with the auctioneer. She was BY FAR the best I’ve seen at any auction in this area. She was focused, light-hearted but strong, funny, and inspired everyone to give their best and to feel excited about doing so. The bidding on that first chair and the bidding war over Colin’s commission was thrilling and emotionally moving. I have never been to an auction that felt that alive, fun, and exciting.

Gideon Bok

Donor, Bidder, Children's House Montessori School

“The Auctioneer was very motivational throughout the auction. We appreciated the frequent reminders of why we were there, and the mention of our name many times during the event. We are real!”

Kelly Martin

Development Officer, Maine Cancer Foundation

“The event went really well! We loved some of the different aspects of the auction we hadn’t experienced before. In particular, the centerpiece auction had people talking to each other, and really connecting for our cause. From the first year, our bidders responded to Ruth and demanded that we have her back!”

Joel Dunn

President, Safari Club International, Maine Chapter

“I would definitely recommend Moxie Auctions, and look forward to working with Ruth and her crew again! Our Special Appeal achieved nearly double our projections. ”

Randall Thomas

Director of Annual Giving, North Yarmouth Academy